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Individuals & Families

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Whether their goal is to construct an equity, fixed income or balanced portfolio, Silvercrest’s portfolio managers help clients define their wealth management objectives and then design a customized portfolio strategy to achieve them. We do not employ a cookie cutter approach. Although each client’s investment plan is customized, Silvercrest’s portfolio managers conduct regular peer reviews of each client’s portfolio to assure that the client is receiving the firm’s best thinking at all times. The fact that many of Silvercrest’s portfolio managers have been working together for more than 10 years results in a dynamic and stimulating professional environment that is fundamental to Silvercrest’s best practice methodology. In effect, each client benefits not just from one portfolio manager but from a team that brings many years of experience to bear on meeting the client’s needs.

We make every effort to be independent and objective in the advice that we provide and we will succeed or fail on the basis of the integrity and quality of that advice. Importantly, because each senior portfolio manager is a Silvercrest shareholder, each is highly motivated to “go the extra mile” on behalf of our clients.

Wealth Management

Silvercrest’s portfolio managers help clients define their long-term wealth management objectives and then design a customized portfolio to achieve them. While client portfolios are customized and do not employ a cookie-cutter approach, each portfolio is reviewed to ensure it appropriately represents the firm’s current best thinking regarding economic and market outlook, asset allocation and manager/strategy inclusion.

Each client is served by a dedicated primary, experienced portfolio manager with support from a deep bench of seasoned portfolio manager colleagues; the Silvercrest Investment Policy & Strategy Group; a deeply resourced manager selection, operational due diligence and risk analytics team; and, internal equity research, fixed income research and trading teams.


One of Silvercrest’s primary objectives is to deliver excellent investment results by offering a combination of core proprietary investment capabilities complemented by “best-in-class” outsourced capabilities. Silvercrest’s investment capabilities have performed well through past market cycles with appropriate levels of risk and tax efficiency. Our proprietary investment capabilities and outsourced managers are quality-oriented, valuation-sensitive, and highly disciplined with proven investment processes in place. We are also cost-aware, determined to customize a portfolio solution that is as streamlined and cost-effective as possible.

Taken together—and combined with our financial planning, tax expertise and industry-leading consolidated investment reporting—we believe our capabilities offer the right combination of ingredients to help our clients successfully achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Learn More about Our Investment Strategies

Proprietary Equity & Fixed Income Capabilities

U.S. Value Equity U.S. Growth Equity International Equity Fixed Income
U.S. Large Cap Value U.S. Small Cap Growth Core International Intermediate Municipal
U.S. Small Cap Value U.S. Small Cap Opportunity International Multi Cap Value Municipal Value
U.S. Small Cap Value Concentrated U.S. Focused Opportunity Global Value Core Government/Credit
U.S. Equity Income U.S. SMID Cap Growth Emerging Markets ADR Core Intermediate
U.S. Multi Cap Value U.S. Multi Cap Growth Focused International Value Municipal Environmental Impact
U.S. SMID Cap Value U.S. Large Cap Growth International Small Cap Value
U.S. Focused Value
Energy Infrastructure

Your Values Matter at Silvercrest

Each client’s distinctive values and objectives matter to us. With two decades of experience and significant resources in place, your Silvercrest portfolio managers are prepared to implement a customized investment plan tailored to achieve your financial objectives while expressing the environmental, social and governance values important to you.

A proliferation of novel terms clouds what has been a part of Silvercrest’s investment capabilities since its founding twenty years ago. Whether you choose to call it Socially Responsible Investing, Mission-Aligned Investing, ESG, or Impact, Silvercrest stands ready with robust Values-Based investment options.

Silvercrest’s Values-Based Investment Committee has carefully crafted opportunities ranging from negatively screening out undesired securities to selecting high-quality proprietary and best-in-class external managers and funds that highlight and support the values that matter most to you. Importantly, these sophisticated capabilities exist across all areas of the firm, being available to individuals & families, institutional equity clients and endowments & foundations. Please speak with your Silvercrest portfolio manager if you are interested in potentially updating your investment plan to better reflect the values that matter most to you.


Our Dedicated Committee

Silvercrest Values-Based Investment Committee

Committee Chairs Portfolio Management & Manager Research Equity Research Fixed Income Research Relationship Management
Albert S. Messina Jennifer M. Baker Jeff Nevins, CFA Patrick A. Bittner, CFA Christopher G. Long
Elinor Ouyang, CFA, FRM Carolin M. Newland, CFA Alexander I. Waldorf, CFA Vincent G. Pandes
Judy B. Morrill
Ian W. Smith

Family Office Services

In addition to traditional investment portfolio management, Silvercrest’s Family Office Services group is designed to provide a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Its capabilities include coordinated estate and wealth planning, financial and income tax planning, consolidated reporting and personal accounting solutions. Utilizing the Family Office Services team allows our clients to focus on what is truly important to them. At Silvercrest, it is our goal to provide clients with a comprehensive wealth management platform at the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

Family Business Advisory Services

The Family Business Advisory Group provides Silvercrest with the in-house corporate finance and related services capability to help family business owners navigate the complex and often sensitive issues associated with strategic initiatives, liquidity events and ensuring the family business legacy. Family businesses are often a family’s largest asset, as well as the most important contributor to their wealth creation. For family business owners, many of the most pressing concerns focus on either corporate finance transactions or business succession planning/stewardship. Through 17-plus years of working with family businesses of all sizes and across a wide array of industries, our Family Business Advisory Group has had the opportunity to work with over 600 family business situations regarding the corporate advisory capabilities outlined below. In working with family businesses, Silvercrest is committed to providing a long-term trusted advisor relationship with the family and the business.

Case Studies

What We Do

A Firm Committed to Excellence

Our Services

1 / Tax & Financial Planning Services

Our objective is to maximize after-tax family wealth. Working alongside the investment management process, our in-house team of tax and financial planning specialists seeks to provide innovative solutions through careful analysis, including payment planning and tracking.

2 / Wealth Reporting

Provide a holistic view of a family's entire balance sheet, with cash flow and expense reporting, consolidated with portfolio and asset allocation reports.

3 / Administrative Services

Alleviate burdens of managing day-to-day personal financial activites including accounting, bill paying, cash management, budgeting, record keeping and financial statement reporting.

Our Services

1 / Corporate Finance Advisory

Many liquidity alternatives are available to family business owners and their companies, including deploying cash flow, leveraging the balance sheet and selling equity. In a liquidity event, your Family Business Advisor can help a family business identify and select the appropriate investment bank or boutique advisory firm to assist with the transaction and help ensure a successful outcome.

2 / Access to Capital

Additional capital may be required to fund growth or defend a family company’s market position. By analyzing the stage of growth and size of the company, your Family Business Advisor can help determine the appropriate financing strategy and the optimal blend of debt and equity capital to finance growth and help achieve the family business owner’s objectives.

3 / Succession Planning

In order to promote the family business legacy, it is vital that the family business owner has a succession plan in place. Thoughtful leadership and ownership succession planning promotes a smooth transition, ensuring stability and continuity. It is a critical investment in the future success of any family business.

Our Process

1 / Hear Your Story

Each conversation begins with us listening. We seek to have an intimate understanding of your situation to serve you and your family at the highest level.

2 / Identify Your Goals

Working together with you, we learn your individual goals, both investment-related and personal.

3 / Determine Your Risks

To design the appropriate portfolio for your needs, we design an asset allocation presentation, identifying areas of risk. With this information, we then select the most suitable investments for you.

4 / Protect your Capital

Providing risk management, high-quality investments and protecting your capital are our entire focus. Your manager will be by your side for all that comes.

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Seán O’Dowd, CFA

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A word from our CEO

Richard R. Hough III

At Silvercrest, we’ve built a team of talented financial service advisors who provide unwavering service to our clients according to their goals. We do this because we are different from the cookie-cutter firms that cram the marketplace with generic investment advice. We listen, we ask questions, and once we know exactly what you want, we apply our deep financial expertise to help you meet those goals.

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