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Endowment & Foundation Portfolio Solutions

Silvercrest offers outsourced chief investment office (“OCIO”) solutions to foundations, endowments and other institutions with long term investment time horizons. Its experienced team of portfolio managers, manager research analysts and risk advisors have decades of experience advising a number of America’s largest endowed charities and the world’s most sophisticated global investors.

Understanding a client’s true risk tolerance is essential, as the primary risk is always a portfolio decline that leads to panicked selling and which can prevent the institution from achieving its long-term mission.

The team’s process focuses on understanding each client’s mission and long-term financial objective along with its portfolio preferences regarding risk, return, complexity, liquidity, mission-alignment and cost. The next step is to create a fully customized asset allocation and manager line-up that can achieve those goals and objectives in the most streamlined and cost-effective manner possible.

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Our Process

1 / Investment Policy Statement

The first step in every engagement is to work carefully with the client’s stakeholders to review and update an Investment Policy that includes all of the necessary long-term objectives, defining return objectives, portfolio preferences and clear, appropriate benchmarks.

2 / Economic Outlook

Maintain an asset allocation framework based on careful firm-wide macroeconomic projections, including views on global economic growth, interest rates, central bank policy, fiscal policy, and corporate and consumer economic fundamentals.

3 / Asset Allocation

Add value through sound decisions based on the team’s decades of investment experience identifying the level and location of portfolio risk to form a view on the current opportunity among asset classes and secondary factors such as growth/value, high yield/investment grade, U.S./Non-U.S., large/small, private/public, etc.

4 / Manager Sourcing and Selection

More than 500 interviews each year ensures a robust roster of best-in-class managers to select from. Typical managers not only deliver clearly defined process-driven alpha, but typically are more concentrated in their holdings, limit their assets under management and deliver less-volatile returns.

5 / Operational Due Diligence

Operational due diligence is conducted independent of the investment team with a focus on organizational and back-office evaluation, financial statement analysis, regulatory review and counterparty confirmation. The operational due diligence team can veto any manager idea that does not meet its stringent criteria.

6 / Portfolio Review and Reporting

Designed to serve a select group of endowment and foundation clients, the team offers personalized client meeting reviews and customized reporting.

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